L.R.W. Lee, Author and Writer, WOI Spotlight

Blast_of_the_Dragons_Fury coverAndy Smithson Blast of the Dragon’s Fury Ten-year-old Andy Smithson lands with a thud on a cold, hard floor. He hears the sounds of breaking glass, things falling and something fizzing. It’s pitch dark. Strange smells erupt around him. So begin Andy’s adventures in the Land of Oomaldee. From the After Life, dead King Hercalon IV is tired of waiting. Put nicely, his daughter, Imogenia, is being difficult. She cast a curse on her brother, Kaysan, for murdering her. After 500 years, she’s still ticked at him and is refusing to lift it. The King thrusts Andy, through no fault of his own, into this “sticky” situation to resolve the impasse. Family issues? That’s not the half of it. Andy has a few issues of his own to deal with, like that tiny problem of him single-handedly flooding the castle, nearly destroying it. But wait, there’s more… After barely surviving quicksand, giants, capture and vicious vulture attacks, Andy fails to retrieve a red dragon scale, an ingredient critical in breaking the curse. Now, he faces the biggest challenge of his life, defeating the evil King Abaddon, monarch of Oomaldee’s northern neighbor. Will he survive a battle with this ferocious, seven-headed-fire-breathing dragon? Will the curse ever be broken? Will he ever return to his normal life? Praise for L. R. W. Lee “Her humor is visible and the book has many clever touches in this multi-layered story. L. R. W. Lee is a strong and determined writer with a well-thought-through plot and vivid characters and situations.” — Barbara Bamberger Scott, Editor A Woman’s Write LRW LeeAbout the Author Since the age of eight, L. R. W. Lee wanted to write a book that not only entertained, but also impacted people, changing lives. She began her creative journey by placing 3rd in a writing contest in middle school, and winning an essay contest in high school. After a career in public and corporate accounting, she became a mom and accomplished business owner. After 12 years of growing her business, she successfully sold it in early 2012. Now L. R. W. Lee has turned her creative energy and talent to writing her debut novel, Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon’s Fury (Book One).   Thank you so much for visiting with me on my blog! I really loved getting to know you more, and I am sure my readers will check out your book as well. All the best to you in the future!