Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist? Many writers tend to be pessimists. For some reason or other, they put down themselves and their work, and don’t think that they are worth any rewards for working hard and doing the best that they can. Being a pessimist can really wrack havoc with your productivity and your work morale. Over time, it can make you feel very disillusioned and down about yourself and your writing. And this can be very damaging to your overall productivity. It is best to approach all of your goals with optimism. Always try and believe in yourself. And if you struggle believing in yourself, fake it if you have to for a while. This is especially recommended for the beginning writer who isn’t sure of her skills or how she will handle different writing challenges. I have come across a book that I think is excellent on this topic. It is called Learned Optimism, by Randy Ingermanson. It is a wonderful book, one that you will enjoy reading and one that may help if you are in the throws of self-deprecation. Here’s Randy’s Amazon affiliate link to LEARNED OPTIMISM: ~ Happy Writing! ~ Irene