Pondering the Week Ahead

This week, I will be continuing my reflections on the revision process and how important it is to take the time to enjoy the process of revision. I struggle so much with that in my own writing. We all want quick fixes in life, and the same seems to carry through to our writing life. But that isn’t necessary. What we really need is to enjoy writing, regardless of whether it is first draft writing or revision. We just have the ENJOY THE WHOLE PROCESS. And that is so difficult sometimes. It is especially difficult for new writers who are trying SO HARD to get published. Meanwhile, it seems to take SO LONG to become published. It can become really, really overwhelming. Try to be kind to yourself whether you are a beginning writer or a mature writer. Know that writing is hard work and that it is important to take your time and to ease yourself into this world. Once you relax, you will have a lot more luck and a lot more peace of mind. Take care fellow writers and have a great week! ~ Irene