Knowing yourself as a Writer

It is important for writers to get to know themselves as writers. This means that they have to get to know how they work and how they can best excel, and once they know this, they cannot allow others (such as teachers and mentors) to dictate what they should be doing or writing about as writers. Getting to know who you are as a writer is difficult, however. The first step is to determine what kind of writing you really, really like to do. Many times, this requires going back to what you value and deciding what you would like to write about so that you can help another person in some way. Other times, this requires just experimenting with different kinds of writing and determining what kind feels best to you. You will know what writing you like best by how you feel when you’re writing. If you get lost in your writing and lose a sense of time while writing, that is the kind of writing that you are most partial towards. However, if you’re writing time is a chore and you keep looking at your watch to see how much time has lapsed, or if your mind can’t stay focused on your writing, this is probably not the kind of writing for you. So, have fun experimenting with different kinds of writing. Once you find your particular genre of writing, you will really enjoy your writing time. And writers spend a lot of their time writing. So, it is CRUCIAL that you find the type of writing that you enjoy. ~ Happy writing everyone! ~ Irene