Know that you CAN do it!

It is important to go into July with a positive attitude. There is nothing worse than wondering when you will quit or saying to yourself over and over This won’t work it never did, why should it this time! This kind of attitude is really detrimental to your success. Instead, if you must have a mantra, keep chanting, I can do this! This time will be very, very different! I am ready! All of these mantras will help to encourage you to do and be the best that you can be. And you can change old patterns for new ones. You can make sure that you excel and this time make the July NaNoWriMo work for you. Positive affirmations are wonderful ways for you to bring about your goals and to ensure that you are successful. They also make you feel good and inspired. And this inspiration can translate into other kinds of inspirations as well. So, take a deep breath fellow writers, and know in your heart and soul that you WILL make your goals of writing in July come true. I know that you can do it. Now you just have to believe it! ~Happy Writing! ~ Irene