Keep Tracking Your Progress

As a writer, it is important for all of you to track your progress. Unless you do so, you won’t know if you are accomplishing your goals. After reading one of Suzanne Lieurance’s Morning Nudge’s last week, I discovered one very effective way to keep on track my progress. She mentioned that writers should write down their three main goals on a sheet of paper across the top of the page. You could even create this chart in a spiral notebook. Then divide the page into three vertical sections. Then list your three goals across the top of the page. Put today’s date on the extreme left side and list the activities you will perform each day to fulfill these three goals. Here is a visual representation of what I mean. Goal 1: Become a published book author Goal 2: Become a published magazine author Goal 3: Make money from website by creating courses and workshops for writers __________________________________________________________________________________

Date Goal 1: Goal 2: Goal 3: ________________________________________________________________________

January 2nd January 3rd January 4th January 5th January 6th As you can see, this is a doable schedule. All writers can schedule their writing this way and be very successful. Try it! Irene S. Roth, MA Freelance Writer for Teens and Tweens