Is Writing Part of Your Identity?

According to Deb Caletti, writing is not just a job it is who we are. It is our identity….. I truly believe this is true. I believe that writers have to treat their writing very seriously first and consider it as a job in order for it to become a part of their identity. Here are a few things that Deb’s statements mean to me…. • That writing is something that defines us; • That writing is an activity that brings us joy; • That writing is an activity that we cannot live without; • That writing fulfills us; • That writing inspires us; • That writing helps us to grow and become more who we are; • That writing is one of the most wonderful things that you can do; • That writing is part of the fabric of our being; • That writing is what and who we are…it is something that we cannot do without…and it is very similar to the high that we get when we run or jog. What does Deb’s statement mean to you…. Irene S. Roth