I am starting a health challenge. Are you with me?

fruit_salad_by_shrapnel4201[1]Hi there all! Are you ready to take a health challenge with me! Here is what you have to do: Take one or two habits that you KNOW are not good for you as you write and change it in favour of a more healthy one. For instance, if you snack, decide that you won’t snack anymore or that you will snack on healthy snacks, such as fruit. This week, I will try to do only one thing: I will try to put more movement into my week. I have decided to walk 4 times a week for at least 20 minutes at a time. What is your challenge? If you have a difficult time with accountability, leave a comment below, and double-click on the link below to follow along with a whole bunch of writers who are committed to improve their health. We are all here for each other. Take care, and all the best of luck! Irene Roth