How to Keep Your Office De-Cluttered

Desk ClutterCreate a zero tolerance towards desk clutter! One way to be an effective writer is to get organized. The first place that you should organize is your desk. Many writers can waste up to an hour or more a day searching for things on their desks. Some things are never found. They have to be reprinted or notes have to re retaken on material. So, you need to keep things in files and have a clear desk at all times to be most efficient. That way, you won’t waste time. And you’ll be able to stay on top of things more readily as well. Here are a few ways to make sure that your desk is organized: 1. Keep all your papers filed every day. 2. Deal with mail every day and get rid of junk mail. 3. Take 15 minutes before you leave your office filing excess paper and planning the next day’s writing tasks. 4. Make sure your desk is clear each day. By taking these steps, not only will your desk be organized, but you will feel organized as well. Try it! Irene Roth, MA Author and Editor