How to Develop Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is very hard to develop. Most writers have some self-discipline. But do you have enough self-discipline to actually sit down and write every day, despite rejections and a lack of success and publication for a long time? This is the hardest part of the writing life. There is so much rejection and anxiety that writers must overcome on a daily basis. And it could become very overwhelming in the beginning. Many consider it the loneliest career that an individual can have. And it can be very hard for writers to get going when they feel so down after a rejection. However, without self-discipline, most efforts at being the best at anything fail and it is no different with writing. Writers need the self-discipline to continue on when the going gets tough, and it will continue to do so regardless of your level of expertise or success. In order to develop self-discipline, you should try to develop the following habits. • Write every day; • Be determined to continue writing and producing manuscripts, despite rejections; • Be single-minded in your writing goals; • Don’t let anyone talk you into things that you don’t agree with; • Don’t let anyone interfere with your writing time; • Have a zero tolerance towards negative thoughts towards yourself or your writing career; • Be patient; • Don’t expect things to be GREAT overnight; • Be brutally honest about your skills and where your weaknesses are; • Know that you can, and WILL, get better as a writer and the only limitations that you feel are in your own mind; • Realize that writers and not born but developed—so if you really want to become a writer, work at getting better and better. By following these tips, you could be the best writer that you are capable of. You too can be a happy and fulfilled writer. And you could then tell all your writer friends that writing is indeed one of the most rewarding professions. Try it! Irene Roth