How to be an Excellent Writer

Writers live in a world where mediocrity is celebrated and even encouraged. And this same view pervades a writer’s life as well. You are encouraged to write quickly and not follow your dreams or flow down long enough to discover what your dreams are. For a writer to commit to excellence, you have to decide to do more than the ordinary. You also have to do more than is expected. But what precisely is this more for a writer must obviously be defined by each of you for yourselves. For instance, excellence does not necessarily involve becoming a New York Bestseller. This is because becoming a New York Bestseller is out of your control – and this kind of excellence is defined from the outside. The best way to be excellent is to decide for yourselves how you will become an excellent writer. In other words, the excellence you pursue must be self-defined. Just remember that excellence must be extended to all aspects of your writing and life. Otherwise, it probably won’t last for long. Therefore, to be at your best, commit to excellence by defining your own criteria for excellence and then coach yourself to continuously improve in your writing career. Excellence is not some lofty goal that only a few can achieve. It is a state of mind that can be made habitual through your everyday actions and mindsets. When you focus on being the best you can be, you are on your way to develop the habit of excellence. For excellence to become a habitual state of mind, you must refine your actions and behaviours. You should refrain from the so-called good enough attitudes that pervade much of your culture and society. This attitude can also seep into your writing life – making us a lot less productive and successful. I love the habit of excellence. It can give all of us an opportunity to be at your best at all times. It can also help us to take pride in your writing. It can also give us the confidence that you need. And, that is the mark of success and excellence. Excellent writers don’t spend time navel gazing. They actually get to work and do things to improve themselves and their skills instead of always complaining and feeling bad about themselves. Complaining and feeling bad takes a lot of energy. And it is mostly wasted energy. So, it is far more productive to make sure that you improve each day and to be your best. However, the habit of excellence starts with making those small changes in your lives such as making sure your office is organized and clean, you have your writing goals written down and you know where to go in the future with your manuscripts and overall goals. Then you can take feel confident when you walk into your office. So, make a commitment to become continuously excellent in your writing career and develop the habit of excellence. It is the best way to be an excellent writer. To discover how to manifest excellence, please double click on this link: Irene S. Roth