Habit 3: Complete Your Goals Faster?

Many writers have problems completing their goals. Sometimes they outline for hours or even days. Other times they write newsletters for days when it shouldn’t take all that long. The real issue is that writers end up wasting a lot of time when they get to their writing desk. They are usually plugged in, or they are distracted by their own thoughts. Regardless, time is wasted, and writing isn’t done efficiently, which is really rough for writers. There are a few things you can try to ensure that you can be more efficient and complete your goals faster.

  1. Work on one thing and don’t switch tasks. Sometimes switching tasks can scatter your attention. Instead, work on one task, complete it and then move onto another one.
  • Don’t work on one task for more than a few hours. If you’re still not finished, take a 15-minute break, take a short walk, crab a coffee or some lunch, and then get right back to work for another hour.
  • Use a timer, such as The Pomodoro Timer, to ensure that you stay focused. It will also encourage you to take a brief 5-minute break so that you can stand up and stretch.
  • Determine how long it takes you to complete short goals, such as blogs, outlines for articles, short stories, and so on. Then once you determine how long it takes to complete, make sure that you stick to that time.

By taking these steps, you will become a more efficient and productive writer. Try it!