Getting Motivated to Start a New Writing Project

NaNoWriMo is the perfect month to start a brand new writing project. But it is time to start preparing for the even right now. Because once November 1st hits, you will have to know what you are writing and how much you have to write each day in order to complete your whole manuscript in one month. There is something about November, isn’t there? When the weather is getting cold and dingy, as it is here in the North Eastern part of Canada, it is time to get indoors and get creative. It is during such fertile times, that many writers get the urge to start a writing project. It is just a very inspiring time for writers. However, starting, and especially completing a writing project, is not an easy task. It is easy to be excited at the beginning. Who doesn’t like a brand new idea floating in our minds? It’s so new and fresh. But how can we feel inspired to keep working on the project persistently so that we can complete it. Here are a few tips to try out when starting a new project. 1. Decide to work on the project from beginning to end right now. It is hard to be steadfast with our writing project as life can cause many unnecessary interruptions. The only way for writers to be successful is for them to be able to move past interruptions to a place of calm and peace so that they can successfully create a firm intention to complete the project. 2. Rate all other priorities both on the desk and outside with family and friends as 1, 2, or 3. Then create an agenda for the 1’s immediately, and immediately delegate the 2’s to someone else. Put the 3’s in a drawer or folder designated the 3 file. Set aside a few hours once a month to go through them and see what’s still important enough to deal with. Most of these things, especially in the 3 file, are even less important than they were. 3. Postpone procrastination! Many times, perfectionism can cause procrastination. We, as writers, want to do our best with our writing. But we can’t be perfect since it’s hard to get any writing done if it always needs to be perfect. There is nothing harder than aiming for perfection all the time. It can make writers feel disempowered and unproductive. 4. Have fun with the new writing project. Writers may want to try playing some special music as they write. Or, they may want to reward themselves after they finish writing their word count for the day. Whatever it is, just celebrate. The celebration doesn’t have to be big. But it does have to make a difference and inspire writers to keep writing the next day. November and the all the winter months could be a time for new fruitful beginnings. Writers should start a new project and take the time to regroup their priorities. They should also rethink their overall priorities and make this season their most productive yet. Now it’s time to step out of the negative writing mindset and attitude into a more positive and productive one. Are you ready to commit to a new project? Irene S. Roth Author, Editor, and Freelance Writer