Finding Inspiration

Many writers only write when they feel that they are moved by their muse. Are you one of those writers? And if you are, how often does the muse come and visit you? That’s what I thought….not often right? Well, if that’s the case, maybe you should write regardless of whether or not your muse visits. That way, you’ll have a lot of consistency and predictability in your writing routine. Do you only write when you’re in your groove? If you do, you also don’t get a lot of writing done. Writers who are serious write regardless of whether they are in their groove or not. Writers just love to write, and many times, as they start writing, they get into their groove from merely writing for an hour or two. Since muses and grooves come rarely in a writer’s life, it is important that you find other ways that are more predictable to inspire yourself to write. Maybe you should have a small reward system for yourself when you complete a week or a day of writing. This could go a long way towards helping you write routinely and consistently. I have found that after over twenty years of writing that my inspiration for writing could be as simple as waking up to a rainy day. I love writing during rainy days. But if I don’t have a rainy day to inspire me to write, I have my check mark system. As I complete a writing task, I check it off in red. And gosh does that EVER make me feel propelled to continue writing!!! What do you use for inspiration? ~ Irene