Embrace the Flow: 10 Reasons Why Writers Should Stop Planning to Boost Productivity

Aspiring writers often find themselves entangled in the age-old debate of whether to meticulously plan their writing or simply let the words flow spontaneously.

As you all know by now, I’m a big planner. In fact, because I journal a lot, I love to plan. However, I have met writers who do nothing but plan, revise and outline. They never write.

For this reason, I am going to caution you against too much planning and give you some benefits why you should create limits to planning and allow your creative flow to emerge. That is writers do after all.

While some swear by elaborate outlines and detailed structures, there is a growing community of writers who advocate for a more intuitive and fluid approach to the writing process.

In this blog, I will explore why writers should consider ditching the traditional planning methods and embrace the power of spontaneity to boost their productivity and creativity.

Here are a few reasons to consider:

Liberating Creativity:

When writers abandon rigid planning, they free their minds to explore uncharted territories. Creativity flourishes in the realm of the unknown, and spontaneous writing allows ideas to emerge organically. By removing constraints, writers can delve deeper into their imagination and give life to characters and worlds they never thought possible.

Overcoming Writer’s Block:

One of the biggest hurdles writers face is the dreaded writer’s block. Planning, while potentially useful, can sometimes become a barrier when the words don’t align with the envisioned structure. In contrast, embracing spontaneity permits writers to write freely without being bound by predefined frameworks, making it easier to overcome the infamous writer’s block.

Euphoria of Flow:

Flow state, a mental state in which an individual is fully immersed and focused on an activity, is often associated with heightened productivity and creativity. When writers abandon excessive planning, they open the door to experience the euphoria of flow, enabling them to produce exceptional and captivating content effortlessly.


Spontaneous writing allows writers to connect with their authentic voice. By letting thoughts flow naturally, writers are more likely to express their true emotions, ideas, and perspectives. This authenticity resonates with readers and paves the way for originality, setting their work apart in a saturated literary landscape.

Open up Creative Flow:

The writing process is often a journey of discovery, and new ideas may emerge as the work unfolds. Sticking rigidly to a plan might stifle these creative revelations. On the other hand, spontaneous writing empowers writers to adapt their narratives in real-time, leading to more engaging and flexible stories.

Time Efficiency:

Planning can sometimes lead to overthinking and analysis paralysis, delaying the actual writing process. Writers who jump straight into the writing without excessive planning tend to utilize their time more efficiently. They get words on paper faster, leaving more room for revisions and polishing.

Emotional Catharsis:

Writing is not just about entertaining readers; it can also be a therapeutic process for writers themselves. Unplanned writing can act as a cathartic release, helping writers process their emotions and thoughts without self-censorship, ultimately leading to emotionally charged and profound works.

Embracing Discovery:

A sense of discovery often enhances the joy of writing. When writers venture into a story without a definite roadmap, they uncover new elements, twists, and connections. This element of surprise enriches the writing experience and keeps the writer engaged throughout the process.

Honoring Intuition:

Intuition is a powerful tool for writers. Often, the subconscious mind holds hidden gems of creativity. Embracing spontaneity means trusting one’s intuition and letting it guide the writing process, leading to stories that are authentic and resonate deeply with readers.

Embracing Imperfections:

Perfectionism can be crippling for writers, leading to self-doubt and procrastination. By accepting imperfections and embracing spontaneous writing, writers can break free from the fear of failure and unleash their true potential.

Therefore, while planning can be helpful in certain situations, embracing spontaneity in writing can unlock untapped potential, liberate creativity, and enhance productivity. By relinquishing the need for strict outlines, writers can revel in the joy of discovery, trust their intuition, and ultimately craft stories that leave a lasting impact on both themselves and their readers. So, let go of the reins, embrace the flow, and watch your writing soar to new heights!

Have fun while you’re doing it!

Until next time!

Irene S. Roth