Dream of Possibilities before the End of the Year!

free-download-christmas-cardOne GREAT way to end the year is to dream of all the various projects you would like to tackle in 2015. I love ending the year this way. But before I do that, I usually take stock of the past year, which is what you should have done by now, and see how you did in accomplishing your writing goals. I usually have writing goals that I carry over to the next year. But this year, I am glad to report, that I don’t! How wonderful! Once you have taken stock of last year, you should take out your writer’s journal and dream a little. What would you like to accomplish in 2015? Would you like to write a book? Two books? Would you like to start writing in a new genre? Would you like to be more productive? Would you like to set up a writing schedule that works for you? Take about 2 hours or more for a few days in a row, just to dream. Next, choose 3 of these goals to try in the upcoming year. Decide which writing goals and which projects you would like to pursue. Then sit down and plan them in as much detail as possible. Determine when you will start the project, and when you would like to accomplish it. All of this can help you to confidently move into 2015. Don’t let your thoughts limit you, and don’t give in to negative self-talk such as I can’t do this, I don’t think I will be successful, I don’t think I could write this book, and so on. Instead, use positive language such as I will be successful this year, and I know I can write this book! So, go ahead and dream of next year. And when you’re finished dreaming, plan how you will fulfill your goals in 2015! To your success and productivity in 2015! Happy Holidays Everyone! Irene