Don’t Blog While You are Supposed to be Writing!

Window with a ViewMany writers mix up the business side of writing with their creative sides. This doesn’t mean that blogging isn’t a creative enterprise. However, it is obviously NOT writing manuscripts that you can publish. So, therefore, it is important to do nothing but write new material when you sit down to write for your scheduled time. Choose another time to write blogs. You may want to devote Fridays to writing your blog for the week. And you may want to devote a part of Friday to catching up on pitching and sending queries. The best way to ensure that you don’t do anything but write during your allotted time is to decide what to do ahead of time. I find it is best to do that over the weekend or Friday for the week ahead. Then once I plan what to do, when the time comes, I sit down and work on that goal and no other. This not only takes the guess-work out of my writing time, but I can also keep track of my goals as well. So, the next time your writing time comes, don’t blog. Please to blog on Fridays or Saturdays when you are taking care of certain business aspects of your writing. That way you will be successful and productive. But what is more, you will feel self-confident and fulfilled as a writer. Try it! Irene S. Roth