Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Writers as I have said so many times tend to be very hard on themselves. They feel that they just can’t measure up to what they think they should be accomplishing. They always feel deficient and they always feel that they could be doing a lot more and a lot better. Perhaps its time to simply be happy with where we are and what we have done. Perhaps we should practise gratitude and contentment for what we have accomplished. We will always write in accordance to our inner ruminations. And that is what we have to honour as writers. Many times, we are so hard on ourselves as writers that we can’t even decipher what is going on in our minds and hearts. We simply feel disconnected from our ‘real’, ‘true’, ‘genuine’, thoughts and those that are ‘unreal’, ‘untrue’, ‘ungenuine’ and transitory ones. This can really cause a lot of difficulties for writers. When we beat ourselves up all the time as writers, we start dreading going to that area in our heart and soul where all great ideas come from because there is so much negativity and pain there. Genuine writers need to not only honour their inner thoughts but they must spend time creating a space so that they could honour their inner thoughts. Beating yourself up disconnects you from your real thoughts and feelings. So, try as much as possible to be positive and loving and not harsh and critical of yourself. This will work wonders for achieving your writing goals. ~ Irene