Do you feel Overwhelmed?

Most writers feel overwhelmed from time to time. There may be many reasons why they may feel overwhelmed. One of the key reasons is because they try to do WAY TOO MUCH every day. And most of these activities simply distract them from their main writing goals. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t beat yourself up or be over critical towards yourself as a writer. There are simply too many temptations to fill our time at our desks. Some of these temptations are the internet, answering emails, updating our Facebook profile, and Twitter accounts, just to name a few. Now, I’m not saying that these things are not important. However, they have to take up only a small portion of your writing time if you’re to be a productive writer. Here are a few tips not to be too distracted by social media. 1. Do your writing first and then update your social media sites. Your writing should be top priority. In fact, don’t even check your email until you finish writing. 2. Decide how long you will spend on social media and networking. They set a timer for the time allotted and stop when the buzzer goes off. 3. Treat any secondary activity as unimportant to your main writing goals. By doing that, you’ll be developing a serious attitude towards your writing. By following these tips, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and your productivity levels will soar. But what’s just as important, you won’t feel exhausted and distracted. Try it!