Creating Writing Rituals

One of the ways that writers can do one thing different for themselves is to create writing rituals until they become habits that support your writing automatically. Writing rituals are a type of positive addictions. They can help us keep writing or to get writing. Rituals can be defined as regular habits of patterns that you establish to get the writing done. It is best for you to establish positive rituals that will help you be the best possible writer that you can be. Positive rituals are rituals that help you grow as a writer and as a human being, such as having a piece of chocolate as a reward or doing something that will enrich your whole being. Negative rituals are rituals that may help you get the writing done but will diminish you and not contribute to your becoming a better writer and person, such as drinking to excess after your writing sessions. I have several rituals that I rely to get my writing done. First, I have a ritual of giving myself a small reward for writing each day. It could be a small piece of chocolate or a fifteen minute meditation session. Some days, I give myself a chance to watch my favourite show or something that will make me happy. But I always end my writing session with a little reward and it has become one of my positive rituals for actually getting the writing done. Another ritual that I have is that I have a celebration after publishing a book. I get my friends and family together, order pizza and just enjoy the evening. When I published my first book, my family made a reservation for me a nice restaurant and we marked the occasion. I still remember how wonderful it felt to get my first book published. That feeling keeps me propelled to keep writing my current book, especially when the going gets tough. Rituals can help writers by providing them stability amidst the stress of writing. Developing rituals can create a structure that helps writers get their writing done while dealing with the ups, downs, and challenges of the writing life. There are many kinds of rituals. Which ritual do you rely on to get your writing done? If you don’t use any rituals, I suggest that you develop some types of rituals for yourselves to get the writing done. You will be really glad that you did. Irene