Book Review: The Box by Peter Skeels

This is a unique dramatic story that takes the reader through recesses of human angst and journeys to places where intrigue lie. It is a very different story, one of which I have never read before. Not only is it written in the third person, but the characters are drawn very unusually too. It makes for an interesting read.

The story is about Rupert and Lucille. The two characters come from diverse backgrounds. The story showcases their loves, families, achievements, and failures. The two couldn’t come from more diverse backgrounds. While Lucille was born into a poor farm family, Rupert comes from multi-billionaire parents. One would wonder what the two saw in each other.

Sometimes friendships happen because opposites attract. However, this isn’t the case for Rupert and Lucille. One reason why Lucille likes Rupert is that he is unlike any rich billionaire you could know. He’s humble and down to earth. He likes to help people and sees the need to do so.

Rupert also had no inclination to become richer. He didn’t want to control others or be in power. He strived to be the best in everything he tried, from being an exceptional piano player to a pro football player. He wanted to help other people thrive.

When Rupert and Lucille become business partners, their friendship grows. They have a lot in common and they can respect each other. The Box tells the story of how a simple invention can transform so many lives.

The story has a simple yet enticing plot. It followed the characters along wonderfully. We can make a real difference in the world if we stick to the most important things in life. This story shows the reader how to do that.

A unique yet mesmerizing story. I was captivated right from the beginning. I will be looking for more stories by Peter Skeels in the future.

Peter Skeels author/writer