Book Review Joe Scott’s May Showcase for The National Writing for Children Center

book1The Friend Ship Friendesha Book 1 By Joe Scott Co-Author Andy Wolfendon Illustrated by: R. Boone This is a book with a wonderful theme, one that is important for kids to understand and come to terms with given our culture. It is about developing positive energy in what can sometimes be a mean and angry world. This book will take kids of all ages on an adventure through the galaxies like no other. The illustrations bring to life the important themes and messages between the dark side of negative energy and the light side of positive energy. People who are positive are happier, have more fun and are healthier. They also care about the planet, others, and try to leave a positive mark in the world. People with negative energy [the Oily Spoilies] leave a mess wherever they go. Most people are unhappy with them because they spread toxic sludge everywhere. This is so beautifully displayed by how they spread dirty oil everywhere they go, covering all the beautiful things in the world with toxic sludge. On the other hand, people with positive energy [the Friendeshans] have pozzi-power. They are joyous, loyal, happy, and make this planet a much, much better place to live, both for themselves and for others. They spread good cheer and they convert others by their positive energy and pozzi-power. They don’t destroy and discriminate. Instead, they build up and support. In a twist of faith, Jolly Joe, one of the Friendeshans, successfully convert Gork, one of the Oily Spoilies, and showed him that he too has pozzi-power. It is within his heart–all he has to do is to be open to it. What a GREAT message for kids! What a GREAT story of joy, fulfillment, and conversion. The world would be a much better place if we all were filled with pozzi-power. Rating: 5 Stars Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth