An Intriguing, Well-Written Love Story

Love at War: A Love Story By Lynelle Clark

This is an unforgettable story of seeing love in the most unexpected places. It is a story about abduction, rape, abuse, reproductive rights and much more. It is not a book for sensitive readers. But it is a story that will haunt the reader for a very long time. Sonia had a very hard life. She suffered some horrific ordeals. She was brutally raped and sold. But she always seemed to pull through with God by her side. God’s love was always at hand. And she accepted God’s love so strong that He could set her free and help her through her difficult times.

Sonia learned a lot in her life. Her favorite Bible theme is that there is a time for everything. There is a time to live and a time to die. There is a time to mourn and a time to be joyous. And everything we do and experience in life seems to be measured in time. This is something that we are all bound by. Its amazing how one person’s presence in Sonia’s life can change her life for the better. But Colonel Curt McGee turned her life and love around. When they met, it was love at first sight. There was never a doubt in her mind or heart nor in his. They both knew that they would never be apart again in their lives. They were bound to each other as by a covenant. And as time went on, Sonia was able to make decisions that would change her life forever. She would ultimately have a life that was created with God’s help and His love. What a story of redemption and love. It is life changing and deep story like no other that I have read for a very long time. Amazon