About Amy Hannah’s JoJo The Dorky Dog

Illustration-COVER-AmyHannah (6)Theme of Book JoJo is not your everyday, fancy schmancy, purebred canine, but a mutant-mutt with a mish-mash of curious characteristics belonging to different sorts. Throw in a pair of unmatched peepers and a heart as big as the Georgia sky, and you have found a genuine friend who is nothing short of D-O-R-K-Y! In his very first Stillwater Farm Adventure title, “JoJo the Dorky Dog”, JoJo finds himself ready for a different kind of adventure and a new place to call home when his owners decide to move to Alaska. This loveable pooch sets out across the countryside determined to discover where he belongs, and a boy to call his own. He finds everything, and a little more, on his journey to Stillwater Farm. Target Audience – age range of 6 thru 10. Publisher – Halo publishing International Social Media Twitter: @stillwaterfrm Instagram: jojostillwaterfarm Facebook: Mailing/Phone Information Stillwater Farm PO Box 448 Blackshear, Georgia 31516 (912) 816-5706 Book is available for purchase at Amazon & Barnes and Noble. Here are the Links for Amazon & Barnes and Noble….. Amazon – JoJo the Dorky Dog Barnes and Noble – JoJo the Dorky Dog;jsessionid=81977F484E1854236EE7C5EA5FCBD878.prodny_store02-atgap01?ean=9781612444840 Information for potential buyer Whether children are reading for themselves or being read to, it is my desire that each little heart identify with the similarities and differences within their own characters, and the character of God, as they share JoJo’s Adventures on Stillwater Farm. The “Questions to Ponder” section at the end of the story is designed as an interactive aid to spark the imagination and summarize main points in the story. This cute and useful tool aids in developing reading comprehension and retention skills.