A Wonderful Book About the Parables

81KTjecgtLL[1]Parables: John MacArthur This is a wonderful book about the parables and how God teaches through the parables. It is a book like no other by an amazing writer and scholar. It is a book that I will read and re-read. I have always marvelled at the significance of the parables. MacArthur makes the reason for the parables very clear and understandable for the reader. Not too many of us can define what a parable is precisely. MacArthur does a splendid job in the book of defining the word. This book shows how Jesus used parables to reveal the unfolding mystery of God’s kingdom. MacArthur does this by teaching the reader a series of Jesus’ most powerful parables. In each case, MacArthur describes the context in which Jesus delivered each of the parables. The history is at once fascinating and inspiring for theologians and historians. The most distinct characterization of a parable is that it uses illustration and comparison to teach a spiritual lesson. MacArthur says, “A parable is an ingeniously simple word picture illuminating a profound spiritual lesson.” A parable always makes a comparison between something commonplace and some truth in the spiritual realm. Jesus did not invent the form, though certainly he mastered it like no one else before or since. MacArthur also discusses why the parables are so important. They are important because the parables shine a light on Jesus’ stories and, through them, to the Savior who told them. This is a great and powerful book that most Christians should read so that they could understand the parables a lot better. I received this book from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for a review. Rating: 5 Stars Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth