A Skillfully Written Contemporary Fiction Story

Sister Lost by Heather Hancock

This is a very captivating story by the debut writer Heather Hancock. Hancock’s style is so engaging and inspiring that I had a hard time putting the book down. And even after I finished reading the story, I kept thinking about it.

Through the story, the reader is sent on an emotional journey like no other. I love the Christian contemporary format for this type of story. It really works. It turns out to be a work of redemption.

Claire Langstrom has chosen a life of solitude. During this time, she embarks on a quest for self-discovery and healing when a surprising revelation arrives from her grandmother. It uncovers a lot of hidden secrets and unfortunately, a tragic history.

From the beginning, the story gripped me. It ignited in me an inquisitive mind and heart, wondering how the events of this story would unfold. Hancock incorporates lesser-known aspects of Canada’s history, shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. This adds complexity to the story, making it an enriching read. What evolves is a powerful theme of hope and faith, which has a lasting impact. The story also prompts the reader to contemplate the steadfastness of God’s faithfulness and the indomitable spirit of humanity.

Hancock is a masterfully skilled writer. Because of this, her book is a deeply engaging read. It will take the reader on a journey like no other. I feel changed after reading this story, filled with hope.

I can’t wait to read Hancock’s next book.  She is one of the best Canadian storytellers I have come across for a very long time. I have literally read thousands of Canadian books over the past decade. And Hancock’s story is one of the best because of the genre, topic and how she writes.


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