A Brand New Year, With New Goals

There’s nothing like a brand-new year to inspire and motivate us to be our best and to have our best writing year. It truly is a great feeling to have a chance at a new beginning. However, unless we have a plan in place, we will probably not be able to sustain our enthusiasm or goals. Therefore, we must do more than be excited. We must intentionally set our long-term and short-term goals and write them down. Further, these goals should be realistic and doable. Unless they are, we won’t how up every day so that we can achieve our goals. We will fizzle out, leaving our goals by the wayside yet again. So why not try something different this year? Why not try to prioritize, plan, and produce instead for optimal success? All this month, I will show you how to do just that. So, stay tuned for that. On Wednesday, I will be delving into how you can manage your time so that you don’t throw away precious minutes every day drifting in your office, answering emails, answering the phone, feeding the cat, taking the dog out, or talk to your children instead of writing in a focused way for a prolonged period of time. The good news is that you can learn how to be more intentional with your writing time and goals, and you can be successful this year. Why not start this year strong? Today, why not start by taking a long, hard look at all your writing projects and write them down in a list. They don’t have to be in any particular order. Just write them down for now. Then on Wednesday, I will show you how to prioritize them into a realistic plan for action. See you then!